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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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all your sport including ♪ ♪ . >> the e.u. top migration official has issued a stark warning. he says that if rapid progress isn't made, to stem the flow of refugees into europe, than there's a risk the whole system will break down. as more votes and ding gis packed full of refugees arrive on the island, commissioner said the e.u. has only ten days left to significant hi reduce the flow of people arriving from turkey. he delivered the warning as
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the e.u. and justice ministers met in brussells to discuss their response to the crisis. meanwhile a french court has ordered the government to clear the makeshift camp known as the junkle and partially demolish it. the ruling by the french court upholds the government plan to evict hundreds of migrants. the deadline for the camp's 1,000 or so residents to leave has already expired, and authorities say if necessary, they will use force to relocate remaining refugees to nearby centers. >> . >> well, we can go live now to calley, and spoke to al jazeera nadine barber. nadine, do we have any kind of idea of a timeframe so when these people will actually be moved on from the jungle? >> well, it is all very vague.
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what has happens is the authorities here have been given a greene lite, by the court, to go ahead with what they are up cysting is a humanitarian operation. and they are saying that they are going to progressively clear what you can see part of behind me. it is the southern part of the jungle charities working here say there are 3 1/2 thousand people living in this part of the jungle. the authorities are saying that they won't use force to move anybody out at least not for three weeks. they say they are going to leave in place, all of what they call the social spaces that's things like a church, a mosque, a cinema. and facility which is people here tell us that they really appreciate. their solution, is for people to move just a short distance away to a new accommodation center made up of heated shipping containers.
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they are fairly luck sure rouse compares to the tents. be they are also full up, they can accept places in accommodation centers in other cities around france, where they will be encouraged to apply for asylum. some people in the last hour, that i have been speaking to say that won't make any differential pause their goal is to reach britain. is they are not interesting in trying to make a new life here. so they are worried about where they will be sleeping in a few weeks time. >> nadine barber with the latest for us live, thank you. good to see you. where you are right now has been for a while now a bottleneck of refugees and migrants and now we are hearing from the top official
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that the whole system can implode within ten days. give us an idea of what your perspective is and what you think the migration official actually means by that? >> when you are here on the ground, you have an impression that the system has already imploded. just behind me, i don't know if you can see them because it is dark, but there are families, children, elderly living in tents in the cold. the boarder is closed so they don't know when -- what will happen to them next. many want to be here because they are hoping if the border opens and they are the first ones to cross, eeven though there's a whole new set of restrictions even for the two that are allowed to go through. those are the syrians and iraqis. we have been watching peek coming here, regardless of whether the boarder is open or not, we are also seeing afghans and other migrant
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whose are bussed away but all these people are still on the greek territory, and the authorities have just announced that they are looking for five locations hoar in northern greece to relocate some 12,000 who are in the territory at the moment. and who want to continue their journey. this is not counting those that made it to greece today. they give an idea about how this crisis keeps on increasing by the day. yesterday there was reporting of about five to 6,000, 8,000 people on the territory. >> and the coming days. and the population is talking about ten days and ten days of borders closed and that little trickle of people just going through. because imagine the amount of people that could be stuck here in greece. >> and they are looking to the commissioner was talking about, is for him the solution is or one of the solutions is to stop the flow
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of the refugees coming. any real sign of that, they say when they set off, they already knew that europe was tightening it's borders. has that been a deterrent for them at all? >> it hasn't been, because you have to remember that therd boors opened they were already arriving here in large numbers simply because they are smugglers and the roots are very well studied. and the chat rooms. the aid workers hoar on the ground, say that ever since the borders have been tightened those smugglers and workers continue to flurry so yes you can fortify the border, you can make it more difficult for people to try
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to get across, but there's always a way of doing it. it is much more dangerous, for the refugees and for the migrants. you hear also about people disappearing. lately they have said that 10,000 children have already disappeared about the whereabouts and difficult and the problem is that the information. >> i think a few days ago, that all of a sudden the surprise at the borders were closed to them, they thought it was a temporary measure just it was for the syrians and the iraqis, well, then they discovered that it was a permanent measure. when the border opened the syrians and the iraqis discovered now they need a whole new set of paperwork. they need a whole new process to go through. people didn't know what was going on. registration is very very slow now on macedonian side, but from what i have seen,
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they keep on arriving here, and i don't think they will be deterred so easily and quickly. >> on the greece macedonia border, thank you. well the international organization of migration says the number of nigerian women trafficked to italy increased more than tenfold from 2013 to 2015. there was also significant ride of underwage girls coming to work as prostitutes and evidence of abuse. barnabie phillips reports no uh from rome. country roads in central italy. on a cold february night, the girls light fires to keep warm, and attract passing clients for sex. this trade of nigerian women to italy has gone on for years. but it is now changing. experts speak of a substantial increase in girls aged under 18. you might call it a cliche secret, except these girls
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are also on parade by day. they won't talk on camera, they are controlled by ruthless gangs. >> can i ask you where you are from. >> nigeria. >> we filmed this girl secretly, she told me she can earn 200-dollar as week, sex only costs 10-dollar as time. despite everything, she says she would like to stay in italy. life back in nigeria was too hard. she looks no older than a teenager. >> so clients prefer younger girls. >> this is the station in central rome. and it has become notorious as a place where groups of migrants and refugee children try to make a living as pest as they can. >> egyptian boys live in gangs around the station. some survive by selling
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drugs, and everybody sex. the 16-year-old boy says he doesn't do those things. but he spent two months sleeping rough. >> like others we spoke to, he came from egypt's region. his parents sent him across the mediterranean on ismail boat, and now he must repay the debt of $4,000 to the smugglers. but he has no money, no skills no italian, and he doesn't know where to start. this doctor has been working with migrant children. and does his best to look after their health. at least a quarter of the unaccompanied minor are infected with stds. genital warts and suspected forms of syphilis. it is also possible there are many cases of sexual abuse that do not cause clinical infection.
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one they get to rome they have to survive, and they are very vulnerable. a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old. they say no one will help them. >> . >> what are you eating? how are you surviving? >> you are picking rubbish off the streets? >> yeah. >> they want to become profession footballers. it is an you can liely dream. unlikely dream. midnight, home to rome's down and out. and amidost the drunks, drug addicts and the mentally ill, we find the two boys trying to sleep. alone in europe, and in cold dark cities. barbie phillips al jazeera, rome. >> coming up in news hour, ban ki-moon urging south
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sudan's leaders to choose peace over politics as he visit add week after the killing of 19 people who thought the u.n. would keep them say. and in sport, we will hear from the danish club hoping to produce a great upset against manchester united in the euro league. it is their only access to rebel head aleppo. the city is set to have had help from russian air strikes to recapture the area. meanwhile dozens of people have been killed in russian air strikes on the damascus country side. the main opposition says moscow is increased the
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attacks ahead of a planned facilities due to start on saturday. the defense ministry says it has reduced stripes over the past two days. the u.n. says 21 tons of food, medicine, and other supplies have been lost in the town. the aid was air dropped on wednesday. they are unable to get in by road, because the city surrounded by isil. where drifting in with their parachutes, so that some missed targets and others of the palates the parachutes did not open. and the food was destroyed. >> the u.n. special envoy to syria says more aid will reach syrians in need, if the plans facilities takes place on saturday. more needs to be done.
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and certainly if as we all hope that the cessation of hostilities takes hold effectively, then we have an impact on the generation of reaching the people in need in syria. but everywhere. >> iraqi police say at least 12 people have been killed in two suicide bombings in the capitol. officers say the attack took place at a shia moss income a predominately shia neighborhood. 14 people were also wounded many the blast. somalia's president says that at least 180 kenyan troops were killed when their base in somalia was attacked by al-shabaab fighters last month. he says the death toll may be as high as 200. kenya has declined to issue an official figure for the attack. the soldiers were part of an african union forced fighting the armed group. four people have before
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killed in a mortar attack in the smalley capitol. al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for that attack, aimed at the presidential palace. another eight people were injuried and witnesses say some of those hurt were children. >> . >> the u.n. secretary general has urged that south sudan leaders to chooses peace over politics. who is this week a peace deal has reportedly broken down, and now the u.s. has threatened individual sangs if peace isn't delivered. ban ki-moon's visit. after 19 people were killed and they say they were under the u.n.'s protection. >> 20,000 the war was place
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inned their homes to a camp. this time they found little more nan a dusty roadside between the u.n. base. the attacked revealed how vulnerable they are. with the. >> the fences are all open. you have to close the fences. now look at this. people stop us. they are just on the ground, they are helpless and fragile. look at what they eat and drink. look at where they sleep. almost 200,000 people live here. the u.n. mission to south sudan has a mandate to use force to protect people when needed. however, this is first time people have been slaughtered while apparently under the protection of peace keepers. >> you have a real presence of war. you can see it here. but again, we don't know what to do exactly.
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the civilian dies, and the u.n. is left. then why are they doing this. >> and they plan to put the civilians. >> witnesses say it took the u.n. soldiers many hours to engang with attackers to defend the people. after three massacres on u.n. bases people are starting to ask receive this u.n. mission simply unwilling to use force to protect civilians. al jazeera, cuba, south sudan. >> a spokes man for south sudan's government told al jazeera earlier, that they denied that the forces are involved. >> the fight happened inside and the i.d.p., and that's
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when by the police. none of the business of the government. we condemn that, and in a stronger standpoint, and we are heading the united nations to reveal why the guns were there how were the guns smuggled into the camp. and it was a fight erupting inside, and there was nobody coming from outside to fight inside the camp. >> students have stepped up their protests on university campuses across south africa. initially demonstrators were angry about a rise in tuition fees, now the issue of language has also come into the spotlight, and it is causing tensions between black and white students. in a few hours iranians will start voting in their first elections since president ranny delivered on
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his promise to end the nuclear crisis. votes will be cast two in two elections. after the parliament 12,000 applies as candidates before fewer than 5,000 were cleared to compete for the 290 seats. at the moment, parliament is dominated by 70s. but the deal to boost the popularity of former reformers. meanwhile in the election, 88 members will be chosen, they monitor the work of the most powerful person, the supreme leader and choose his successor. the guardian council cleared just 151 of them, the disqualified include all female applicants and the granderson of the islamic republic of iran. with kwamaining now over, iran is preparing for elections that could take the country down a more moderate
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path. retomorrowists believe they can make gains in the parliament. the central issue has been the recession, and how a long ever recovery can take if seances now lifted. this family gathering there's a discussion about voting. 41-year-old is a student who will be voting for the first time. his parents are worrying he will end up like his sister unable to find a job. vote. >> which unlike facebook and twitter isn't blocked. she decided after discussions in the family chat group, and hunting through websites that she will vote retomorrowist. >> her husband feels the same. >> . >> the only way that iran can get out of it's recession, is for investment, so that jobs are created. the more serious problem is
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youth unemployment. >> many want to see faster progress. this investment banker says the scope is massive. but held back by politics and the need for banking reform and bail outs. >> well educated people, natural resources and very large market for consumers. the market -- untapped for around ten years. >> people want to know if there are going to be more jobs in the manufacturing industries are modernized and they want to know if the standard of living will rise even abling to engang in the vast retail sector. w the sanctions now lifted there's a mood of impatience among many that want to see a better standard of living. moderates and retomorrowists believe they have done enough to convince people that moderation works. but have they?
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it could be too soon for some to be convinced, reformists and moderates may gain more influence, but it is probably farfetched to expect a landslide win in the parliamentary elections. >> go live now to teheran, and speak to al jazeera, jona as we were hearing there it is unlikely there will be a real landslide or a massive surprise as such. but have you seen evidence of excitement and ennauseam ahead of the vote? >> . >> the outward signs that there is an election about to take place, is fairly mooted. you simply don't see major political rallies. >> you don't even see major parties. there are instead voting blocks. the so called hardliners and on the left and center the
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moderates and the reformists. in hoping of making a bigger dent in control of the institutions. mooted it may be, though the importance of this election isn't lost on many. and that's because at the battle between the hardliners and the moderate will largely determine the future depression of this country will take. ing. >> because the moderate prison has two more years left in office. he needs a more open minded parliament, to continue to pass his moderate to reformist agenda. the nuclear deal struck last year, needs continued moderate banking in the face of hard line opposition if it is to survive. and the economy, perhaps the most important issue here, there as it begins to open up after decades of stifling international sanctions needs retomorrows, restructuring to
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create jobs. and add to all of that, happening concurrently, an election of a new assembly of experts. the body passed with appointing the new supreme leader with the current ayatollah specifically passes away. well, you begin to see that anybody wants change in this country, needs to hope that there is a strong showing on the moderate and retomorrowist side. >> and so, do we have any idea what kind of showing that will be, and when will we know for sure? >> in the assembly of -- well, both the parliament and the assembly of experts awaited towards the hard line. in the assembly of experts is not expected to be any dramatickic change in that balance. but, in the parliament if they get the vote out, and that is the crucial issue, the best estimate, some anyway, put the possible tally to them at 60% of the seats and that would be his
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toricly. because thousands of their candidates have been disqualified from taking place in this election at all. turn out will be crucial. they will also be young, if they believe that change is possible, they will come out as they did in 2013, and they could sway the election. when will we know? in 48 hours after voting there will be a preliminary result, the parliamentary result, though, may need to go into a run off in april. thank you. egypt now with the president cassise has offered an unusual solution to the economic brocks. in a speech on wednesday, he said that if it would help he would sell himself. >> let me say something quite difficult. by god all mighty, if i could sell myself to benefit this nation, i would have done it. we are a nation of
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90 million, just think about it, if only 10 million of us wake up every day and they donate one egyptian pound, just one for the sake of this homeland, that's 10 million a day. >> egypt is a great cub, it can do anything. if you truly love egypt, all egyptians who are listening to me, listen to my words only. only mine, i say. >> one ebay user promptly put that statement to the test. and more than 100 people actually placed a bid on the egyptian president. at 1 point he was selling for $100,000. the ad description read we decided to sell the infamous field marshal and military coup leader on ebay. to bail out the egyptian economy so that you don't have to. ebay ad was taken down later on wednesday. still to come this hour, the bombing of civilians in yemen, across the e.u.
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parliament for a ban on arm sales to saudi arabia. also ahead. this report makes sorry leading. >> an investigation finds the b.b.c. missed several chances to stop sexual abuse by presenter. and coming up in sport. >> i am lee wellings fifa prepares for the big day to elect a new president.
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>> are miners across this region affected by the dodd-frank law? >> sourced from illegal mines. >> this is a serious problem. >> an undercover investigation reveals the real cost.
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>> there's no way of knowing what minerals are coming in. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today they will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. welcome back, here is a reminder of the top stories. the e.u. has just ten days to reduce the number of refugees coming to europe or it's migration system could break down. a fresh court has ordered the government to clear the camp known as the junkle and partially demolish it. and syria's main opposition has accused russia of increasing air strikes with dozens killed in h the damascus country side. the european parliament has
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urged the e.u. to impose an armed embargo. britain in particular has coming in for severe criticism over the continued fight with saudi arabia. well, the u.k., france, spain, and germany are among the biggest suppliers of weapons for saudi arabia, since the war started britain has approved export licenses for almost $4 billion worth of arms to saudi arabia. and last year, france assigned billions of dollars worth of deals including one worth $500 million for 23 helicopters. in this despite accusations that saudi forces have committed war crimes in yemen, where nearly 6,000 people have died since last march. well, let's talk about this in more detail, who is the deputy director of the middle east and north african program, thank you for joining us here on al jazeera. i am guessing that you are
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happy with what the european parliament is voted for? >> well, today's vote is a clear wake up call for the european union states that continue to arm saudi arabia, and the coalition partners. in a conflict in yemen that is seen devastation in civilian life. 3,000 civilians dead. 700 of them children. and most of those caused by coalition air strikes. >> let's just clarify 1 point. obviously arm sales are illegal, so your specific point as was brought up, is the war in yemen? >> we believe that there should be an embargo on all arm sales. so whether it is saudi arabia, the coalition partners or any other actor that may sell arms or transfer them in some way, this is a really serious situation. 83% of the population in yemen are now in need of some form of humanitarian aid.
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over 2.5 million internally displaced persons so this is a situation where adding more weapons is extremely dangerous. >> and it is to be said that the u.n. had a panel to investigate the bombing campaign, and they found they don't cover widespread attacks on civilian targets by saudi arabia, having said that, the european parliament decision isn't anyway binding on e.u. states and we have already heard that, the prime minister is looking at and report. which is the most encouraging of reactions, do you hold any hope that the u.k. will stop arm sales? >> welshes it is going to be very uncomfortable for the mistakes that are providing large amounts of military equipment. and in some cases in the u.k., providing -- logistical, and intelligent support to the operation. they have been very clear about that, and i think what we can say, is that britain -- while the arm sales have been rising for saudi arabia, it has always been for many years the
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number one customer. we are seeing increased pressure. there was a legal opinion, but commissions, n.g.o.s, but independently found absolutely experts that the -- the continued sale of arms to saudi arabia, was in breech of the u.k.'s legal obligations under the armed trade. britain, of course, is one of the key states that actually helped to bring the arms trade into being. there's even a legal charge now, which is being put through the courts in the u.k. 20 the british government, over the legality of those sales. >> well, it is certainly going to be a very spring kate issue, from amnesty, thank you for joining us. and sharing your views with us. the u.k.'s national public broadcaster of the b.b.c. has been severe my criticized by an investigation into sex abuse. one of those abusers was the former presenter. he raped and an assaulted
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dozens of people he met. and as paul brennen reports the broadcaster missed several chances to stop the abuse. for more than 30 years jimmy was one of the most famous faces on p.b.c. television, and the national broadcaster turned a blind eye to the dark truth about his nature. he fronted numerous popular and long running programs. but his star status gave him unchallenged access to sexually abused scores of underage victims. >> they have been through the mill, and given evidence which was extremely harrowing, and they do want to move on now. they don't want to see his face all over the television any more. they want to move on. and today, with us the final chapter, and that's why it was so important, that they got to the real truth. >> the inquiry examined the culture of the b.b.c., during the years he was there. her findings are scathing. >> celebrities were treated
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with kid gloves. and were virtually untouchable. one witness told me that the talent were more valuable to the b.b.c. than their own values. >> the report says that the b.b.c. had numerous opportunities to stop saddle, dating back to 1969. but complaints were always brushed away. the report says that the b.b.c. appears to have been much more concerned about it's reputation, in the media. then it actually focusing on the need to protect vulnerable young audience members. when warned junior female employee complain toddler supervisor about him, she was told keep your mouth shut, he is a v.i.p. >> widespread rumors about him were either dismissed or ignored. there was a failure to coordinate investigation of complaints. he died in 2011, before he could be prosecuted.
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>> what happened was profoundly wrong. it should never have started. it should certainly have been stopped. >> whatever the circumstances and background to it and clearly these reports explain this in some considerable detail, sexual abuse is sexual abuse, kit never be excused. >> but the report says the atmosphere of fear, which gave impunity, still exists at the b.b.c. today. and says the power of celebrity in the trust we still accord it, makes detecting such abusers even more difficult. paul brennen, al jazeera. london. >> people in ireland will go to the polls on friday to vote in the country's general election. the irish economy has made a significant recovery after meeting an international bail out in 2010. but instability may be in store with polls predicting a hundred parliament as lee
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barker reports now. >> campaigning is over, and media restrictions are now in place. ahead of friday's vote, polls open at 7:00 can g.m.t. on friday, and will continue until 10:00 p.m. in the evening and 40 different constituencies across the country. >> this is where the 158 newly elected irish deputies will take their seats. the irish parliament. those single party has been able to form a political majority. when the first exit polls are released on saturday, the process of coalition building will begin. in the last five years, the government has been made up of a coalition of the gael party and the irish labor party. this time under a, they are hoping it lied on improvements to the economy. the republicans were decimated in elections in 20/10/11, are hoping to also make ground. but when it comes to coalition building smaller
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parties and the socialist party may play a crucial hole as king makers. >> as they go to the polls on friday, the economy will be high on their minds. eight years after the global crisis, six years after the country went cap in hand at international lenders to provide financial melt down. but the last few years have also brought prosperity, and pain. there have been deep cuts to education, housing and healthcare, to name a few. and when some vote they may be voting for a different path for ireland. >> wall street and european markets have largely shrugged off losses. and finance ministers in shanghai, are under pressure to fears over the slow down in china, and plummeting oil prices. >> latin america's oil producers are among those hardest hit by falling prices. the regions second largest
1:41 pm
economy, me coe, has raised interest rates. mexico's once thriving oil capitol which is fast turning into a ghost town. >> there's nothing more these men can do but wait. they travel miles to see that the mexico to keep the jobs on the near buy oil rigs. but work is dried up, the oil industry is many crisis and this town which for years has been as it's center, has nothing to offer. he has been knocking on dooring for a month. >> i feel bad living on one meal a day. oil in mexico the state run giant the mexican government budget. >> but it is in trouble. it has been dragged down by slump in worldwide oil prices
1:42 pm
and it is struggling with landmark reforms that they hope will turn it into a lean company able to cope with international competition. >> as it struggles to change, they are cutting the budget, staff, and putting off payments to the suppliers. industry leaders says the result 40% of it's providers are in danger of bankruptcy. carlos has worked in one of those firms for ten years. his future is less sure. >> it makes me scared i will be unemployed. i have three children, a mortgage, so all after that goes around in my head. >> many oil workers have already had to leave, and the ripple effect is spreading leaving empty houses hotels and restaurants all across town. they also drop by more than 50%, it is bad, there were many more contractors
1:43 pm
foreigners, people not connected to the oil industry at all. >> rigs and refineries now they are rethinking. >> . >> i started studying chemical engineers for oil. but now i am worry t it doesn't have much of a future. but i realize i don't have to focus on the industry. but many people here cling to the hope that oil prices will rise again next year. and that they can get moving again. al jazeera. the latest jobless figures publish misdemeanor the large zest most pop list nation, for some grim reading plaxico has the details. >> the largest economy in latin america continues to
1:44 pm
struggle the latest figures released by the national statistics board shows that unemployment in the urban centers had gone up to 7.6%. that's the worst it's been in seven years for that month. aside from that, wages are down 7.4% compared to the previous year. now that means that the average person who does have a job is earning only $560 a month the worst recession it has seen in decades analysts are saying it can get a lot worse before i gets better. >> rio has been slightly insulated by that. the unemployment rate here is the lowest compares to the others they are going to be held here in august. some 35,000 jobs will be lost. >> they are asking for more aid to help tens of thousands
1:45 pm
left homeless, but the worst storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. supplies are being delivered but the scale to roads and communication equipment is making it harder to reach remote islands. 42 people dies when the windstorm made land fall on saturday, and they say that number will rise. in the philippines they have been celebrating the 30th anniversary of the people power revolution, which ended the rule. it comes as the country prepares for presidential elections and marcus' son is vying to become vice president. they turn out in the thousands. the day as people discovered the might of passive resistence, on what was called that year people power.
1:46 pm
quite emotional, i have been here today. >> it was on that main highway, known as protestors defied the regime of 30 years ago. they were joined by priests and nones and when soldiers gave they support it was all over. >> so they were there and people just march in and then mar over journalists was with the crowd who swarmed over the fences of the presidential palace to find them gone. it was a very violent and brutal dictator that was bleeding the country drive. the family has a very different view of history now running for vice president says the country enjoyed rapid development under his father and the family has
1:47 pm
nothing to apologize for. his message is resonating with some. >> what concerns many older political activists is how the campaign is winning support among the young. most of the people attending this commemoration, were born well after he was overthrown. they never had to live through the martial law he imposed. >> as the campaign has gathered support, so has the movement. mainly among leftist. they are worried the son would resort to the author tarn ways. >> if he becomes president, and there's no end to what he wants to win the vice presidency, he will definitely redeem the dictatorship. more a yell of dismay, at the prospect of a return.
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the tone is likely to get angrier. still ahead in this news hour. with the world's most famous locomotive, as it gets back on track. >> and in sport, why this young boy receive add special gift from the word's best footballer
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>> thank you very much. going to start with football and the vice president of the
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confederation of african football, they said that he expected all but one of his member associations to vote. in friday's fifa presidential election. africa provides 54 of the go hundred and seven members who are eligible to take part in friday's vote extraordinary congress, to select a new fifa president. after the dissent and corruption to chaos, of football's world governing body. who will be the man 207 national federation select to try to create a nudism proved fifa. >> hello, are you confident you have the vote you need? >> the favorite for months. head of the asian football confederation, and with powerful contacts and influence. though his alleged role in protesting athletes reportedly tortured in 2011, makes his candidacy controversy. his main challenge comes from
1:51 pm
swiss army. the secretary general at uefa in europe, the originally stepped in. now he has enough pledges of support, to look like a serious threat. but the hopes of fifa presidency were ended after a $2 million payment from ex-president sepp blatter was exposed in h agonal corrupt. the pair lost their appeal this week. >> african businessman and frenchman jerime champagne lack the level of backing they need. as does jordanian royal prince alley, who lost last may's election, and dramatickicly resigned days later. he has complained bitterly at this process, having his idea for transparent voting rejected. he ruled the organization for 17 years remained a destructive side show. banned for corruption, that still claiming he didn't actually resign and has
1:52 pm
rights. popularity in africa was already important to the hold on power. this time the support for a candidate may be a decisive factor. and they held further internal faulks in zurich. african president the fifa leader pledged his association official support a month ago. but it is a secret ballot. >> it is important to remember that fifa is also voting on a reform process on it's big day. and it tries to convince the world it can be a cleaner place. but the probing of u.s. and swiss authorities continues largely on the 2018 and 2022 world cups and specifically the individuals involved. so the first few months of the new president's reign, are not doing to be easy. lee wellings al jazeera, zurich. >> with a place many the last 16th at stake. manchester united will have
1:53 pm
to goa turn a first leg deficit the champion record in england. five matches they won three times and lost just the once. unbeaten in nine home games. >> so the circumstances are getting better, because they are always playing like that. i think more or less. so we have to organize, their organization. so we have to be very creative. >> some have already kicked off earlier, a 1-1 draw was enough to send through 3-1. right now they are leveled their time with athletic and the top liverpool, are one up later to overturn a 1-nil deficit. take a 2-nil lead, and they
1:54 pm
meet after 1-1 draw last week, in florence. now in the nba the defending champions the golden state warriors go to orlando to face the magic. the warriors are coming off a win on wednesday. that game notable for the achievement of reigning mvp. the warriors start becoming only the third play in history to make a 3-point in every one of the last 127 games. but also on wednesday, kevin durant and russell westbrook both scored 24 points as the oklahoma city thunder recorded a 116-102 win against the maverick. the northwest division leaders back on court later on thursday to face the new orleans pelicans. now this young man from p afghanistan, has a very -- has had a very special gift from a certain. he made headlines earlier this month when he was pictured wearing this home made shirt. argentina shirt made from a plastic bag. well, pictures of him wearing
1:55 pm
the shirt made by his brother went viral, and were seen by the great man himself, and you can see he is mow the proud honor of an argentina replica jersey, complete with the signature from the five time world player of the year. what's more, the story doesn't end there, as the afghan football federation is in talks with the representatives about a possible meeting between the two. that is all the sport for now, more later the long awaited return. he has undergone the tenure refurbishment. on a 300-kilometer journey, to the national railway museum in new york. emma hayward was onboard, she sent us this report. >> it is the symbol of a by goner rah, when real was king. and almost 100 years after the flying scottsman made
1:56 pm
it's debut, it is back oen the tracks. with thousands of people turning out as it made it's long journey from london. >> this is an incredible deeper field and it is very elementary, something deep within it. it is in our d.n.a. >> in it's hay day, this was a record breaker. the first anywhere in the world to hit speeds of 100 miles or 160-kilometers an hour. it is modern name sake can now travel nearly twice as fast on the same line. >> what this lacks in speed it makes up for in charm and character. and it is wrapped up in nostalgia for the past. >> ron kennedy starting off cleaning the engine before coming a flying scottsman driver. >> some of this report drivers and some of us were called engineers and i like to be called an engineer. you can get it along, and it
1:57 pm
was all different. >> the flying scottsman has had a checkered history, and has gone out of service been sold and go on overseas. before spending ten years in the workshop. >> it's been difficult, one of the most thorough examples of this kind of locomotive we have ever seen, so we brought it right back, every nut and bolt, and put it back together, so it is just as good as it was when it was running in the 1920's originally. >> this culture icon represents a time when british invasion chained rail travel around the word. nearly a century on, the flying scottsman leads the pack for different reasons. emma hayward, al jazeera. >> and with that that's it from me, and the rest of the news hour team, stay with us, though, lauren taylor will be here in just a few minutes with more of the day's news. thank you for watching. bye bye.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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continue to land amidoees warnings that the migration system can be days from total break down. ♪ also coming up, russian jets pound northwest syria, as forces seek to take more ground, ahead of saturday's halt in fighting. iran prepares to go to the polls for the first election, since agreeing to a nuclear treaty. ahead the scottsman


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